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I am absolutely obsessed with the results from @beautykitchenjunkie eye gels


I have no bags now!!!

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Stay tuned cause I’m cooking up something with Heather @beautykitchenjunkie




Merry Christmas everyone!


Cody and I are so grateful for all of you and we hope that everyone is having a fantastic holiday.

To my OG friends and followers thank you for everything – It’s been a wild year and you’ve kept us going, to my new friends buckle up for 2020 because we’re keeping our eyes on the prize, we’re Yates strong, and thank you for following our journey! 

#LetsDo2020 #HappilyHolidays #90DayFiance 

The Housewives roundup

Tamra attacked Brandi and Kelly calling them unstable and are in a huge feud, Camille and Kyle are in a huge feud over Cam not being asked back for season 10 of BH – Kyle says she’s innocent. Bethenny leaves NY (something Tamra also went off about) and will be replaced by one of Tinsley’s friends. 😭 BH will have their first ever black HW which is exciting. Tamra Vicki and Shannon fighting with Kelly what else is new. The NJ trailer should be coming soon and Nene and Cynthia were spotted fighting at lunch. I’m sure there’s more but this post has already got me exhausted.