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Need someone to pop up at a tell all? Jesse Meester is your man.

For the third straight year Jesse has finessed his way onto the stage of a 90 day fiancé tell all – why you ask? Because people are speculating it’s the only way he can still dictate and control Darcey’s narrative. As most of you know the 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Tell All is limited to only Americans but that hasn’t stopped Jesse for showing up for a record 3 straight years – and this year he wasn’t even on the season that’s being aired.

Let’s peruse the timeline together shall we…:

Season 1 Tell-All: Love is still in the air?

Darcey and Jesse’s first season and while Darcey is being interviewed Shaun informs her that Jesse is in the building. Jesse walked onstage Darcey was surprised and they exchanged pleasantries, but that changed when darcey said he could be controlling. Jesse claims to still want to marry her and then a fight occurs and he walks off stage.


Season 2 Tell-All: The Breakup Aftermath.

Now we all remember how season 2 went – from the cutting on the bias, to Loubatins being thrown, and the classic car scene where Darcey tells Jesse to get out of her life while in a cab after Jesse flew 10,000 miles to break up with her in person.  But as we all know Jesse is a traveler and this was probably old hat to him – it never stopped him from showing up at a tell all he wasn’t supposed to be at.

At any rate, his second tell all appearance allegedly shocked everyone – cast included. Jesse and Darcey had split at that point and everyone was shocked to see the Zoot Suited Jesse walk onto the stage. For all of you that don’t know the tell all is filmed in two hour blocks per couple and then all the Americans sit together and discuss theirs and other couples relationships at the end, with production showing couples clips of other cast members because barely nothing has aired. After the Jesse and Darcey segment was over the cast had assumed he left but that wasn’t the case at all, Jesse sat allegedly backstage in the green room where he heard what the Americans saying about him and demanded to be onstage to properly defend himself. I believe he jokingly introduced himself as Mr. Controlling at one point and made sure he was always on camera ready to control or squash anything Darcey said about him – something no other foreigner had ever been afforded on the Before the 90 days tell all.

The idea was that Americans were supposed to talk openly about their relationship with people abroad but Jesse allegedly tried to mute that; or at least in Darcey’s case. It should be worth mentioning that Angela did come to Jesse’s aid, but after her fight with Michael, she seemed real riled up and we all remember what happened with Rachel. And the tell all ended – Jesse slipped off having broken up the hammering he would have got by the whole American cast (except Angela who has a soft spot for him).


Season 3 Tell-All: Gone but not forgotten…

There is zero reason we can think why he would yet again turn up if not to ruin darcey day, stop him being spoken about in the green room and onstage .  It’s heavily reported in the grape vine that it was it was Criticism of Jesse which lead to him body guard Angela to disrupt the show and she started another with cast in defence of Jesse –   Jesse once again stepped back and the ruckus with anglea ended the tell all for a second year running. Inside source gave me confirmation that the tell-all format was the same as previous years and that all the foreigners join their American other half via webcam as was the deal in all seasons past (excluding Jesse). Now since Darcey is with her Englishman Tom, you’d think Jesse would sit this one out, especially since he wasn’t aired this season but nope we get a third surprise visit from him. Now there’s a lot of talk already being spewed about this third unaired tell all – Angela and Avery allegedly have a fight – sound familiar? Details of the fight are sketchy but it all seems like groundhog day with jesse and Angela pulling the same stunt as last year

– what do you think ?
Why would jesse keep turning up to the tell all when no other foreigner does?

Do you think Jesse plan was to stop people talking about him freely ?

Do you think him and Angela have a pact?

Have you ever have a controls ex who would turn up unexpected at events or parties you were at?