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Best. F***ing. News. Ever. #PunkyBrewster #PunkyBrewsterReboot


Best. F***ing. News. Ever.ย #PunkyBrewsterย #PunkyBrewsterReboot


I am absolutely obsessed with the results from @beautykitchenjunkie eye gels


I have no bags now!!!

On top of that @heathermarianna also sent me her lotions and I am never going back to Bath and Body Works ever again!

Use my code johnspillsthetea5 for 5$ off your order and get in the game ASAP!

Stay tuned cause Iโ€™m cooking up something with Heather @beautykitchenjunkie


If Any Of You Are Attorneys. #AttorneysWanted


Between both my IGโ€™s I have over 50 thousand followers.

If any of you are attorneys who would like to help me and Cody out pro bono it would be much appreciated.

As you can see these people have done a number on us and because of the number they put on us we canโ€™t afford a retainer to lawyer up

Also if anyone in LE follows me who can shed some light please message me.

We canโ€™t take this anymore – all we do is talk about a bullshit 90 day show and we get more hate than anyone on it.

See at least the cast makes coin off this – we donโ€™t.

Weโ€™ve always done this for free and this shit is criminal.

To all of you who have been actively defaming and screwing us over itโ€™s time you pay the piper.

Seems that thereโ€™s been an addendum hearing added to Leida and Tashaโ€™s calendar


Allegedly Tasha requested a stipulation hearing after Leida was nice enough to drop the 4 year restraining order that was placed on her.

Looks like people are mad after the group chats that were released (by me) disparaging Leida and myself came to light and will do ANYTHING to silence people.

A severely mentally ill 90 Day Superfan – I wonโ€™t say names but itโ€™s Karen is pissed off that their group chat was exposed and got into Tashaโ€™s ear just like she has other cast.

See Tasha wasnโ€™t reffering to me in this post – she was referring to Leida.

I know a lot of people feel a certain way about Leida but if you knew what I knew about her youโ€™d give her a second chance.

Looks like @deemangela was right all along – this is how โ€œMichaelโ€™sโ€ old account


Looks likeย @deemangelaย was right all along – this is how โ€œMichaelโ€™sโ€ old account rebranded itself after Angela called them out for being phony.

This account was never Michael – his original account never had the underscore after his name.

Crediting @90daymemes_bykristy